• Abstracts from the 7th Annual Meeting of SNSS
    Vol. 1 No. S1 (2021)

    The very first Supplement of the НЕУРОХИРУРГИЈА - The Serbian Journal of Neurosurgery includes the Abstracts from the 7th Annual meeting of Serbian Neurosurgical Society, with international participation, a joint venture with Southeast Europe Neurosurgical Society.   The on-line only event, carried out within the virtual platform was titled:   Vita brevis, ars longa: Refining the art of neurosurgery   Although different, this was one of the most succesful meetings when considering the massive attendance durring the two days of intense action on Zoom, Youtube, and for the first time in NeurosurgeryTV.   The event was followed by the launch of the Journal, and we are especially proud of the symbiosis of the two within this Supplement Issue.     
  • Vol. 1 No. 1 (2021)

    The Inaugural Issue of the Official Journal of Serbian Neurosurgical Society