Intraoperative ultrasound use in cranial neurosurgery

The basics and initial experience


  • Milan Lepić MMA



intraoperative ultrasound, neurosurgery, cranial


Reliable spatial orientation in neurosurgery is of utmost importance. Anatomical landmarks-based orientation or sulcal identification is insufficiently accurate for the requirements of modern times neurosurgery

Intraoperative ultrasound (IoUS) is affordable and widely available, easy to use, does not require additional equipment nor installation, and does not use additional any expendable material. It is mainly used (but not limited) to localize, optimize approach and evaluate resection of expansions of all origins, but also in vascular neurosurgery, hydrocephalus and malformations.

The paper reviews the possibilities of intraoperative ultrasound use in cranial neurosurgery, and also introduces the basic aspects of intraoperative use.

The significance of IoUS in contemporary neurosurgery is improving with the technical development and advances within the field. The basic role in localization of the lesions is still not used to the extent it deserves, or should be used, while there are already numerous other possibilities providing exceptionally reliable intraoperative information regarding all aspects of surgical substrates and treatment.


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